Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In my post of 2 days ago I mentioned that I might have a relatively cq free winter. That is until MaryAnne of
blogspot asked me where was the Piecemakers quilt. I had packed it away before I was having my eye surgery and all the company coming down. I brought out the box and laid the 12 outside blocks out on my island. I have done some work on each of them. I rarely do one block at a time. I have a better visual if I do a bit her and a bit there.

I took some pics to show you a few - one is complete and the other 3 are works in progress. I have a little quandry here and would like some feedback on what you think - good or bad. I am so used to working with dyed motifs, etc. that I thought I would be in for a dyeing bash but the background colors on these blocks are fairly dark and when I laid the plain white on them I think I will like some of them left white. I have one example where I just layed out a white flower. It should be picture 2. There is more stitching to be done on 3 of them. Picture 3 the pink cherries are just sitting there and I have to do stitching around the black edges once I decide what I like there. On picture 4 this is the one where I used a collar. Once I had it sewn down I wasn't sure I liked it so I put some dyed rick rack around the collar and now like it better. I did a beaded motif and thought it looked like it needed something in the middle. Went to the button box and there was a pack of 3 buttons I had bought years ago thiking to make a jacket. The color is perfect and it gives a little dimension,

Please give me your views and MA I am still not sure if it will go with me or not. Depends how much junk I will have to take to work on it. I intend to take the 4 triangles because I have decided to just bead all the seams on them. My beads always travel along with the silk ribbon.

Pictures 2 and 3 came out sideways but were taken exactly like 1 and 4. Is there a gremlin who decides which way is up?


Plays with Needles said...

I wonder if you are anywhere near Naples, Fl? Im thinking when I come to see my dad it would be great to stop by and help you with a few of your blogging challenges regarding pictures! Usually, the software that you load your pictures into has an option to rotate your picture if they end up facing the wrong way.

I liked your decision not to dye some of the motifs because the white does, indeed, look nice on your work. And, how could the colors not look beautiful on you...they seem a perfect compliment to your hair!

Thanks for your sweet comment regarding charm school. It's always a good day when I hear from you. xo Susan

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like a bit of white in them too Freda. It gives a nice contrast against the black.
Didn't mean to nag you about taking it to Fla. tho...I was just curious to hear how you were doing with it! said...

I'm a big fan of custom dying and love to dip clothing myself. But- these squares are PERFECT as is, wow, how pretty!!

Carol in Clermont said...

Hey there, Freda...Glad to see the CQ is out...looks like the eyes are still doing great work. Hope Harv's eyes are seeing things around the house!!1