Monday, August 3, 2009

I spent the last coupler of days working outside and doing anything heavy in the house. I laid mulch all around the front flower beds and brick walk and it loks nice. Just finishes it off. I also did all the washing - anything that stood still got thrown in the washer. I had my cataract surgery this noon and the one thing they stress is not to lift anything heavy (like bags of mulch) push anything heavy or bend over to pick up things. Hence I was doing everything I could think of before. Probably going overboard.

The surgery is very easy. They gave me a 5mg diazapam when I first got there then later she sqirted a liquid under my tongue and said swallow and this will make you sleepy. I was a little drowsy but could hear everything they said. I was wide awake once I went into the operating room and it couldn't have been more then 10 minutes, done and out. Got dressed and Harv drove us home. I had tea and some fruit bread then didn't know what to do with myself. I have a plastic patch/cup covering the eye so really can't tell if there is any difference.. I sat down to watch tv and fell asleep for an hour so I guess the meds were working.Have to keep this on until I see him tomorrow then I only need to wear it to bed. The worst thing is the drops. 3 different bottles used at different times. 2 used 4 times a day and 1 used only morning and night. Harv actually made me up a chart on the computer and it really helps. You have to wait 5 minutes before putting in another drop. I just tick it off on the paper as I do it. I can see where this might be very difficult for an elderly patient trying to keep them all straight. I get the left eye done in 2 weeks. Will let you know if I see better after this right one gets going.

I thought I would post occasionally some of the things in my house that make me happy. Todays is a solid brass valet I bought at a garage sale. I was passing by with my daughter a number of years ago and she said stop and lets look. We did and he had this stand and I asked what he wanted for it then asked if he would take a check. He said no so I looked and had about 22.00. He went into the house and asked the son who owned it. He had lost his job and was going thru a divorce. He told me he paid over 200.00 for it but the Dad said 20 is better then nothing and they took it. The father wasn;t very happy having him home again as he said he had been a trader and made huge money but just blew it all and he had no pity for him.

I have it in my bathroom and the crocheted top on it was made by Harv's mom and is all irish crochet with the raised roses. She wore it until it was too small on her then gave it to me. I wore it for a few years until I couldn't wear it anymore either. I thought this was the perfect home for it.
The two pictures were painted on glass and I loved the flowers. I put ribbon to hang them then placed them here until I had time but decided I liked the look of them like that so there they stay.
The small pair of pics are by a Canadian artist named Marilyn Simantle of Burnaby, British Columbia. I bought them somewhere in Canada on one of our many trips back home.
The jacuzzi looks inviting but unfortunately my husband in the wheelchair cannot use it and I do not by myself. Once when Jenny was about 3-4 she wanted to go in so over she came with her bathing suit and I got mine on and started to fill it up but once the jets came on she got scared and wouldn't get in it even when they were turned off.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad that your procedure is over and that everything went fine. The drop routine sounds like a real bother. Good thing you have Harv to make you a chart (maybe he should patent it?)

FredaB said...

Actually MA thought I would take a copy to the Dr. tomorrow and showhim how much easier this makes it rather then trying to remember it all. He actually called tonight to see how I am doing and they take the patch off tomorrow and he said I will be surprised at how much better I will see.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Freda,
I'm glad to hear that you feel fine after your procedure.
Hope your patch is off and you're feeling much better.
Take care,

Pat Winter said...

Freda, you are working too hard. Do I have to come over there young lady????
Your home is beautiful. Love the garden tub. Please relax and listen to the Dr.or else I may be knocking on your door...the one in IL, not Fl :-)

maggi said...

Haven't been commenting much but have still been viewing. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us and I hope you are feeling good after the procedure.

Plays with Needles said...

that crochet top is absolutely a beauty! And the garden tub is my favorite color

Gina E. said...

I laughed to read about young Jenny refusing to go into the jacuzzi when the jets came on! I know how she feels - I'm smaller than most people my age, and I tend to get a bit concerned if I'm in a jacuzzi (only half a dozen times in my life, I might add!). Those jets can really push you around in the water!