Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Third day after surgery and yesterday he said I could take the protective shade off my eye but have to wear it at night so you don't rub your eye or hit it with a sheet, etc. Everything outside looks brighter and clearer. It will be after both are done that I should see the difference. Drove to the library this morning and wore the sunglasses they give you to protect the eye from glare and had no trouble.

Susan Elliott of was talking about Berlin work on her site. I bought 3 of Elizabeth Bradley's kits while in England over various times and have done them for my living room. They are considered needlepoint done with wool on needlepoint canvas but the Berlin stitch is actually cross stitch. I will post the 2 pillows and the bellpull I have made. I am also including the off white background one I did using the same pattern and it is in our home in Florida. Hanging right inside the door. The little pug is another one I needlepointed so through him in here also.

If you are not familiar with Susan's blog do yourself a favor and go there. She does such beautiful work and her writing is worth reading the blog for never mind the different needlework she does so well. Every time she posts something I think nothing could be better then comes the next post and you are just blown away.
I apologize for the first three pictures. I took them and posted before looking at them and now I see they are all blurry. The last two were from my files and were clear. We may have to get our camera checked as at the birthday party a lot of pics came out blurred the same way. Or maybe it is just the cameraman or lady?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad to hear you're doing so well after your surgery! Thanks for the info about Berlin's another term I wasn't familiar with (at least not how it's done).

Plays with Needles said...

Thank you for posting all of your Bradley needlepoint! I like that you made the bellpull in norhtern colors AND Florida colors...I can really relate to that since my mother would think the same way..she lived in Naples and would come back to Baltimore over the Summer. Thanks again for sharing your work...that was a lot of needlepoint at one time, my lady! Hope your eye is getting better. xo Susan

Gina E. said...

Glad to hear your eyesight is so much improved, Freda. So far my regular eye tests show no signs of cataracts or glaucoma, but Ken has the early stages of cataracts. The optician says she won't do anything until they become a bit worse; apparently that's the way they do things?