Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I should have posted this one yesterday because it was our daughter's oldest boy's birthday party on Sat. He was 14. It was a smaller family group then usual because my son & family had a daughter at camp and they had to drive up to Wisconsin and see a show the girls had worked on so wouldn't be home until late Sat. night.
We still had 18 there so was still good. If you noticed the unusual birthday cakes it was a stack of cookies with the 14 candle on top plus ice cream then for the adults there was an ice cream cake - brownie turtle and sure was good.
I took a few pics of Kyle (who needs a haircut but is stalling his Mom until the last minute before school starts).I also took a few pics of her backyard and water garden . She sure has a green thumb. I told her Grandpa Butler would be smiling down from Heaven and saying "thats my girl". He was a gardener and people used to drive just to see Mr. Butler's garden. He was an englishman so had the English type flower beds.

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maggi said...

It's a beautiful garden. Looks like the party was enjoyed by all anyway.