Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today I have some pics of more things in my house that make me happy. We re-did the downstairs bathroom to make it more accessible for Harv. We removed the vanity cabinet and put in a
pedestal sink and new toilet. It is a fairly large room for a main floor bathroom. I decided to wallpaper it and went for a black and beige toile with a small print. I remember the day the paper hanger came to put it up and he was an older gentleman with an accent. I don't think from the look he gave me that he liked my choice but the funny thing is as he started and over the time it took he grunted and talked to himself. I kept going over to the door to see if he was talking to me but he ignored me so finally I gave up.
He was a little strange but I have to say he did a wonderful job matching everything.

I was a little worried about my choice when I saw it papered (I always doubt myself until I am used to it). Once I had shelves up.
found a corner tall storage shelf and put up pictures I was happy with it. I still laugh when I think of that funny day.

I just took some pics of the one wall where I have some pictures and old pieces of silver on the wall. The two small pictures I picked up in Canada and the artist is a gal called Wanda Lee from Halifx. Nova Scotia. My favorite picture is the middle one that is a French print. I probably found it at the flea market or antique show and took it and had it framed. I love the look of her coaxing the children into the bath - usually you can't get them out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Willa said...

I love toile so in my book, you can't go wrong with it. Besides I am a form believer in doing what you like.. after all you have to look at it more than anyone else! I think your taste is impeccable so you can just relax Freda! ROFL! We all know I am an authority on EVERYTHING! :o)