Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I mentioned in a previous post about taking a 3 day retreat with Ellie Sienkiewizc that was held in The Keys , Florida. Sometime after the retreat Ellie put out a request for people to make blocks for a quilt she was going to put together of various applique blocks and auction it off on ebay for cancer research. If I remember right she supplied one of her background fabrics and the pink fabric had to be used in it somewhere for breast cancer. I am certainly no great applique sewer but did want to contribute and you dedicated the block to either someone you knew who passed away from cancer or who was a survivor of cancer. My oldest sister had breast cancer 26 years ago and underwent a full mastectomy with removal of all the lymph nodes. Well 10 years ago I was found to have early stage BC but I underwent just a lumpectomy and 35 days of radiation. Times and methods sure have changed. With this in mind I made a block and dedicated it to my sister who survived and myself.

Well I made a block and sent it in and wasn't sure if it would even be used.
It was used and they received enough blocks that they auctioned 3 quilts.
The one my block was in was the biggest winner as it made over $6,000.00 dollars. I can't remember all the figures but another went for over $3,000.00 and the third near that. A hefty sum of money was made by Ellie's gals and was used for breast cancer research.

I will post a picture of my attempt. It was a bluebird sitting near a nest of eggs surrounded with a pink heart. Now I look at it the bird looks like it has a pointed head. I can't believe I would have sent it out that way so hope it was just the way I took the picture. There were some gorgeous blocks in
the quilts and I can't believe I haven't any pictures of the finished quilts. I would have thought I would have saved at least mine but all I have found is the simple square. I wasn't on the computer that much then.

There are so many people out there doing auctions for BC. Vickie Brown of Ribbonsmyth and her bras and all the gals that contribute to that. Also the quilts they do every year that are donated to women's hospitals and clinics.
Hopefully looking at these in a clinic or hospital will take their mind off their troubles even for a few minutes. Keep up the good work gals and if you are ever asked to contribute don't feel like you are not good enough because that is how I felt when Ellie asked and now I am glad I did do it.


Queen Bee's Musings said...

that is awesome \...
Beautiful work

Plays with Needles said...

Anything made by your own hand and your heart are true treasures, dear Freda. How wonderful that you contributed -- if I were diagnosed with cancer, I would love to look upon your block and read that both you and your sister were survivors...it would give me hope...

I'm also very fond of your design...very very lovely on so many levels...and that nest was very creative. How did you do it?

woof nanny said...

Your block is gorgeous! How exciting that the quilt sold for such a high amount too! It's nice to be part of something like that.