Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I haven't posted for quite a few days. I have been working sporadically on the butterfly quilt. I am again at a stand still as my mind is not in a good working place. I have packed it away this afternoon and will leave it here until we return next Spring. I am taking the tringles as I am only beading them.

I have been feeling the blues as a very good friend from my sewing group in Florida passed away after the most courageous fight against cancer that I have ever seen. She had just gone thru a divorce when the cancer had returned so was hit with a double whammy. She originally had breast cancer many years ago and it metastisized and was throughout her body. You would never have known it. She kept up with life and the thinner she got the more clothes she would go out and buy and looked good every time I saw her. She kept up with all the club doings and was there for the birth of her first grandchild and was still there for his 1st. birthday in April. I think this was part of keeping her going.
Rest In Peace Marty.

Also our mail gal in Florida passed away at the too young age of 52.
Same scene with the breast cancer then about 1 year free and then it came back with a vengeance and within months she was too weak to work. We have had our home in Florida for 10 years and in that time Sheryl was our mailgal and friend. The boxes for our end of the street are in our little cul-de-sac so we would see her often and chat. When we returned last Fall she told me then that it had returned and she was fighting it. She said Freda I am too young to die and I agreed. Well someone else did not agree and she passed away late July. Rest In Peace Sheryl.

We also had 2 gentlemen that worked with my husband pass away. Harv does the newsletter for the retiree's group so the family of anyone who passes away immediately inform Harv so he can contact people who were good friends and then put it in the monthly newsletter. I have told him not to tell me anymoe unless it is someone I know well and in this case I did.

I have to get back out into the garden and Sat. we are going to the flea market in Kane County if the weather holds. It is near the Fox river in St. Charles so Harv drops me off at the flea market and he spends a couple of hours sitting under a tree fishing. When I have had enough I call him and he comes to collect me and whatever I have found that I quote "Can't live without". This works well for both of us. He will go to the odd flea market in Florida where there are a lot of men selling fishing stuff, tools, etc. Men's stuff.

This Sat. night my daughter's 3 boys are coming for a sleepover. Their parents are going to a party and night out and a morning sleep in. I have lots of ice cream, popcorn and other goodies plus she is going to bring a movie so all should be well. If I go to the flea market in the afternoon I will probably be the first asleep. I have some pics to post but I will start with a happier post tomorrow and include them then.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's so hard when you see such young people being taken away, but obviously there is another plan for them. I'm sorry you're feeling down.

Cathy K said...

Dear Freda, so sorry to hear of the loss of so many of your friends and acquaintances. Life is NOT fair. We can only enjoy the time given to us and hope it's better on the other side, eh? Hugs to you, Cathy