Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a week this has been but not in a good way. I started at the beginning of last week with a headache that left me feeling nauseated and no matter what I did would not go away. I spent one day last week in bed then it eased off and started again after I went to the boy's soccer game Sat morning. It was very sunny and I did not have a visor on only sunglasses that didn't really stop it.
The headache started again in the afternoon and by Sun. I couldn't get out of bed. Had to cancel out from my grandson's 7th. birthday party on Sun. I stayed in bed with an ice pack on my head. Not a pretty picture. I finally called the Dr. on Monday and he sent me some very strong painkillers. They took a couple of days but finally it seemed to go away. Thank goodness as I had an appt. with the eye Dr. to zap the left eye with the laser this morning as I felt it was fuzzy. I can't tell yet if it worked as the eye was dilated but should know in a few days. Hope for the best. They gave me steroid drops to take down any swelling from the lazer and I am to use them 4 times day for 4 days so will see after that. Right eye is great but I was really hoping for 2 out of 2 not 1 out of 2.

I have been showing you pictures of some of my favorite things over the weeks and I have a letter that is very precious to me. After my Father passed away I had it framed to preserve it. It was given to my Father in WW1 after he was released from a POW camp. It came from Buckingham Palace and was from King George, Queen Elisabeth's grandfather. It is signed George RI. My father was born in Ireland and enlisted in the Irish Fusilliers. He founght in Mesapotamia which is now Iran and was taken POW. When released he was released from his service which is what they did in those days. He was a fighting Irishman and re-enlisted with the 48th. Highlanders out of Scotland and was in until the war was over.
He immigrated to Canada around 1926 (bit hazy on this date), met my Mother who had emigrated from England and they married. When England declared war in 1939 he enlisted in the Canadian army but was not sent overseas because of his age. He was sent up to the wilds of Northern Ontario to guard German POWS who were captured and sent there. He was there from 1939 to 1946. The Irish have always had a fighting spirit. I am currently reading a book called Galway Bay by Mary Pac Kelly but is based in the 1800's. If you have ever heard of the famine due to the potato blight in Ireland and the death of millions this is a very good book. Just a ittle info into my family life.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my...that sounds like a miserable glad it's gone, hopefully never to return.
As for the letter - what a treasure to have! It was really well-written and personal, lovely.

Allison Ann Aller said...

What an amazing letter...a family treasure to be sure.
I am REALLY sorry to hear about your headaches. Hang in there, Freda. You will be better soon...

Ruby said...

What an amazing letter. So very sorry you've been having headaches. Hope they are gone now. My sister had the eye surgery and had to have both eyes zapped! It does seem to take some time to clear and mend.

Gina E. said...

What an incredible family memento to have - the kind of thing one sees rarely on the Antiques Roadshow! My uncle received a letter from the Queen on his 100th birthday earlier this year, but it wasn't handwritten of course. She must send thousands of those out every year!
Those headaches sound ominous. Have you had any tests to see if it is anything else apart from your eyes??