Sunday, March 1, 2009

I finally sewed the 3 sections together today with the sashings. I decided that the 2" sashing dividing the panels needed a little definition so I put the cording as a dividing line between the pink edges and the panels. It did help. I have not put the cording around the whole thing yet which I intend to do and did pin on a piece of antique tatting on the top and decided not to put one on the bottom. I am going to cut the bottom sashing off to be the same size as the sides. The tatting is a piece from a beautiful but old tatted tablecloth from the flea maket and it was round so I carefully cut each round off and they were all different. The very centre I used on the purse I made and auctioned at our Qesters auction. It was shown on an earlier post. The only thing is there is a dark discolored mark from age and I wonder if it shows up too much or if that is just a part of cq. Finally I think I am going to sign up for a photo class because my pictures are not very good. I did everything but stand on my head to take what I will show here and the colors are not good. It was a dismal rainy day outside so had to do them inside. It is hard with large pieces.

I am also going to show a Florida picture my husband took Fri. afternoon while fishing. Two odd bedfellows

Blogger would not let me post pics last night so I gave up and the sun was out today. I pinned the end of the hanging around a dowel and held it up while my hubby took a couple of pics. Of course I was hanging it upside down so turned them on the computer so it really looks like I am standing on my head. I think they are brighter then yesterdays. I will go try now to upload them. Also I took a pic of the cording on the seam and tried to get a good shot of the old tatting.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Your project is looking sumptuous!
The cording is working well, don't you think?

Debra said...

Absolutely beautiful!

and you do look like you are standing on your head! (you could just crop that out)

Ruby said...

Oh, FredaB, that makes we want to love pastels. I'm much more a bright, dark color lover. New to CQ but I have some vintage crotchet /tatting pieces that need a resting place. It is so lovely.

Makes me want to keep trying.