Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daughter, SIL and 3 boys came up yesterday for lunch and we had a great day. After lunch Sue & I went to downtown Mt. Dora where they were having an antique show right out on the street. They close off quite a few streets and the vendors set up tents, tables, whatever and sell their wares.

We had a good time. One lady was selling great jewellery, very inexpensive. I bought myself a pendant and a bracelet. Sue did the same and then bought a couple for gifts. She is into wire wrapping now so she bought a half a dozen great stones and cords in various colors to go with them. They were great cords with clasp closures and were only $1.00 each.

Then I came across a very nice young gal selling purses made out of cowboy boots. Sounds strange but she makes them using the tops of the boots as she said the tops are covered by blue jeans and are protected. They had beautiful beaded handles that were made to attach to the purse or could be removed and used as a necklace. I kept eyeing the one and we went past a couple of times then Sue said how about if my 3 kids go in together and get you one for Mother's Day and I said great. They are always asking what I want and I never know. I will try and get a good picture of the bag and post it. She lives in the St. Cloud, FL area south of Orlando and her husband is a cattle rancher. Hence she gets a lot of boots in that area. She had decorated the front of the purse with rhinestones but left the bag plain so it can be used either side.

Harv & Jon took the boys for a ride around seeing all the lakes then ended up at a great park and spent a couple of hours. We all went to an Italian restaurant (very family friendly) for dinner. Sue ordered a large pizza for the 3 boys and it was the largest pizza I have ever seen. I said they won't eat that but it was all gone by the time we were finished. Growing boys.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

What an interesting purse! Another example of recycling to create something so useful (and original). Love it!!

Debra said...

I am always in awe of someone who recycles so well that it doesn't look like recycling!

Cute boys! I have a weakness for little boys!

Nicki Lee said...

Oh I just love that cowboy boot purse! When I was in Houston last year I met a man who did that same but I lost his card. Would you by chance have the contact name/address to the person who made this purse as I have a pair of boots I would love to have made into a purse. Thanks!