Monday, March 23, 2009

We have a group of gals who meet every second Mon. morning in each others home. Some knit, crochet, just chat, quilt, whatever but I am the only cq gal. It was at our house today and we sat out in our new sunroom. Well today I brought out my latest one with the pink sashings and one of the gals really was interested. After everyone else left she came in my sewing room and asked me questions and I could see that maybe I may have a person who may want to try it. Would be great to get a group not just 2 of us but 2 is better then 1.

Carol Kramer from Claremont, FL, Joyce boudreau from Nova Scotia, Canada and is visiting at the Villages for 3 months and then our Willa from Orlando are coming out to have lunch with me on April 1. It is a workday for Willa so she will try to come. The gals are going to bring their projects they are working on so it will be fun just to have the time to sit and chat, etc. Will let you in on any great secrets or projects I hear about after april 1 - he he.

I am posting block 3 and actually have 4 done but did not get the picture taken so will do it tomorrow. I am having fun with these. The colors are growing on me and I picked up a lot of black trims, old black velvet flowers, black rick rack with silver at the flea market sun. Boy I am going to miss that place when we go home in May. I tell myself I have to buy for the next 6 months = good excuse, eh?

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so excited as I watch the progress on your quilt. I simply can't wait to see it develop!
Nice to know you might have made a convert to CQ too.