Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finished 2 more squares but had a little problem on one when coners would not meet. Was working with black velvet and crinkly black & silver & the mauve fabric. Took it apart about 3 times then gave up and thought that is what buttons and trim are for. The fabric kept fraying and getting smaller. I took a pic of the square with a button sitting at that point then took another with some glitzy black and silver trim strung over it. Which one will it end up being. Maybe neither.

The next block I sewed right in the largest piece of rick rack you have probably ever seen. It came off a t-shirt I bought must have been 20 years ago. Can't believe I ever wore it but never gave it away thinking some day I will pick the rick rack off it and use it. Well this is the day. I showed a pic of part of the shirt with its rows of rr and then a closeup of the rr. If this quilt gets much glitzier it may be appropriate for some madam's boudoir.
Not mine - I am a flannel pj type of gal.


Debra said...

Gosh, maybe you could push that boudoir idea just a little-might be a fun approach! I think this is going to be so interesting and unique when done. I love it already!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Buttons and trim are meant to save the day, for sure! Whatever you decide for your problem spot will be great.
Love that rickrack tshirt!
I just used some big rickrack pieces too...mine were off a sample card a friend gave me. I think it is great stuff.