Monday, March 9, 2009

I can't believe I have gone this whole week without blogging. Mainly because I have been working outside re-landscaping around the new room and adding some new things to the front. I am not a Florida gardener as such but am already thinking of my garden at home. What will be the first things up. My daughter usually tells me Mom you have to come home things are starting to pop. I have 3 bleeding heart bushes, 2 pink and one white and they are usually covered with flowers early May when we get there. I think because I garden a lot at home that by the time I have put it to bed in Oct. I have had enough and am happy to just take things as they come in Florida. I do have a lot of orchids that maybe you have seen in past posts and really enjoy flowers in the house. I used to buy flowers every week and put them around until I discovered an orchid for 2 for $5.00 at the flea market would last for 2-3 months once opened. I have a few rose bushes that I can usually coax a flower or two off to put in bud vases. In fact I just planted 3 Double KnockOut rose bushes. I think they are new (at least to me this year). The flowers are double like a regular rose and the bushes are more compact and they say more bloom per bush. We will see how they do. I have the KnockOut ones in Chicago and they do tend to get a little leggy so these mnight be a better option. They say they only grow to 3' at the most. Will let you know.

I took part in Judyth's motif swap and mailed them off today. I did some punchneedle flowers, tatted hearts and wreaths. I also threw in some of the beads I had made previously as a little extra with the tatted pieces. I will post some pics I took yesterday before I packed them up.

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Ruby said...

FredaB, I just signed up for the silk ribbon group. Funny that I should find you here. Hope I receive some of your motifs in the swap!