Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am posting a couple of photos tonight of my good friend and former neighbor Barb. Barb and I lived on the same street for 8 years and both loved the same things. Both into sewing, shopping , similar tastes in reading and could spend all day together and never get bored. Well 2 years ago my good friend up and moved to near Greenville, SC. She has a daughter in Virginia and wanbted to be closer. I felt very bad losing such a good friend but I used to go off and leave her every summer for 6 months

Her 50th. wedding anniversery was Feb. 14th. and her and her hubby came down to Florida and spent the weekend on the gulf coast near Sarasota. After they came to our area in central Florida and spent a few days. I am posting a couple of pics my hubby took of us when we were on our way to the women's club luncheon at the clubhouse. She is the shorter blond gal. We both belonged to a sewing group for now almost 10 years. We meet every second Mon. morning at each others houses. I am the only cq gal, a couple of gals quilt and some knit, crochet but it is mainly getting together for the companionship. We arranged to get a table for 10 for the luncheon and we all met up there and Barb got to see the rest of the gals. It was very nostalgic. They are back home in SC now but assures me she will be back another year.
I was outside today and noticed that my tree rose has burst into bloom at the front of the house so I grabbed the camera and took a pic. I bought this probably 8-9 years ago and potted it into a large planter behind the hedge.
When we arrive I cut it back late Oct. - early Nov. and fertilize it and you can see the results. It will bloom like this as long as I am here and probably thru part of the summer. I use a 6 month fertilizer on it so it helps.

I also want to suggest a great blog for you to visit if she isn't already on your blog list. Cath K. who lives in Utah is having a great giveaway but it ends tonight so this may be a little late. She is giving a very generous gift celebrating her 100th. post. She is an avid crazy quilter and I met her in Omaha in 2007 and spent some time with her and her hubby at the airport while we were all waiting to see if we were going to make it home. They had cancelled many flights and I ended up getting the last single seat on a flight to Milwaukee and my husband and BIL who was visiting him both drove from Chicago to Milwaukee late Sun. night to bring me home so I wouldn't have to stay overnight there. Probably 1 1/2 hour drive each way. What a great pair of guys. My husband was my BIL's best man. They have been good friends forever.

So please stop over and say hi to Cathy"

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Jo in NZ said...

These piece is gorgeous Freda. I wish I could get good closeupon the pics.
Did you realise they are upside down!