Friday, May 28, 2010

Time flies

This week has just gone by so fast. I have been trying to get the garden in order and all my pots and window boxes filled. Monday & Tuesday were just so hot and humid I couldn't stay out very long. I am still sorting out my stash from Florida so worked inside instead. Wednesday it cooled down and I did quite a bit of gardening. Thurs. Sue and I decided we needed a day out so started out in the morning hitting a couple of thrift stores and boutiques up in the Barrington area. There is a very large, very nice thrift shop up there. They have a large room filled with furniture, another filled with wedding and bridesmaids dresses. They also have an area filled with electronic stuff and then they have a huge store filled with normal stuff. We both picked up something but Sue got the prize for the day. There was a gorgeous framed picture of the 13th. tee of the Augusta National golf course where they play the Masters every year. It was called the Azalea 13th. Beautifully framed with the colors that would go in her husband's den. She said she didn't think Jon would want it but sent him a pic and then we sent a pic to my son who lives in Minneapolis as he is an avid golfer and has been to Augusta. She did this with her Mac I-phone right from the store. Snapped a pic and emailed it to them - what a world. Well Jon came right back and said he wanted it and we didn't hear from David first so Jon got it. It was so beautifully framed and was 25.00. The gal at the checkout said Sue had picked up the bargain of the day. Apparently it had just come in and she said they run a couple of hundred dollars. It was fairly large - about 24 x 36 approx. Jon has a very large den and one whole wall is covered with all his degrees and with Sue's degrees but there is another wall it will look good on.

We had lunch, hit a JoAnnes store and I got the new Somerset Studio mag and Sue got some fabric for the new skirt that is popular. The short skirt with the wide elastic band.
We had seen them in the boutique earlier and they started at 50.00. Some local gal makes them. We bought both elastic and 5/8 yard fabric for 6.00. They couldn't take more then an hour to make. This is when you are glad you can sew. Back to Sue's house, picked up my car and drove home. I made a cup of tea and was so tired I actually fell asleep reading and slept for an hour. Felt groggy all night. I am not a napper and always feel worse for sleeping. Probably happens once a year if that. speaking of that it is time to end this and get to bed. Water aerobics in the morning.

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Gerry said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who thinks "Time Flies!"

Your shopping trip sounds wonderful. It's been awhile since I ventured out in search of something I just can't live without. LOL.

Take care.