Saturday, May 1, 2010

Off to the flea market this morning for probably the last time as we leave here next Sat. Picked up a couple of bargains in the first few minutes. Then found some neat jewellery and bought some orchids for friends. We are having a couple for lunch on Tues. and bought one for her and when I return to Chicago our questers annual end of the year luncheon is on the Tues. after we arrive Sun. night I hope. I bought one for the hostess who is a dear friend and one for me. The travelling 2 are very small ones and maybe I can succeed in getting them home safely if I am lucky. If not, thats life.

I was going to take pics and show you my stuff but made lunch, never went in the freezer, about 2 pm walk over to the fridge and water coming out of the bottom. I kept hearing a clicking sound last night and today and couldn't figure what it was. As if something was trying to turn itself on. Well now I know it was the fridge. The whole thing had shut off but with the light on when you open the door you couldn't see anything was wrong until I opened the freezer. The ice maker full of ice was melting all over all the packages and things left in the freezer. what a mess. Got a big plastic bag and threw out about half. Next door neighbour took home some meat and packages that were still partially frozen and put them in her garage one for me. Took me about 2 hours to mop and clean everything up. Harv went up and bought 40 lbs. of ice and now we have every thing in 3 coolers. Called the appliance man but of course he won't be back until Mon. am. Harv thinks it might be a relay. Let us hope it is something he can fix and we will be living out of the coolers and buying ice until he can. If it can't be fixed I will wait until we come back and buy one up north and then have it shipped from down here the day after we arrive in Oct. I had been thinking of buying a new one and putting this one in the garage for the extra freezer space. Do you think it heard me talking bad about it? and this is revenge time?

Went to a new blog tonight - and she is having a very nice giveaway. I liked her blog very much and will return to it often.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sorry to hear about your freezer - that has to be a pain, for sure. Hopefully it can be fixed, sooner rather than later!

maggi said...

What a real pain that must be, such an awkward time too. said...

That is one of the prettiest May baskets around! I'll bet she was thrilled.