Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I decided to try another all velvet pincushion and when finished this one was a little on the large size compared to the first one that I thought was too small. The one problem I have is when the embellishing is finished and time to draw it up I have trouble drawing it tight enough as the velvet is so thick. You can see folds where the velvet gathers do not punch out. I fill them to the hilt with stuffing and then when I think it is done the next night I add more. I did 2 rows of gathering with heavy buttonhole & carpet thread and at least that won't break when gathering like machine thread can. I do small stitches so it will gather nicely. Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist. I decided I did not want it on a bowl or candle holder and was just going to do it flat when I got the idea that I would like a little stand so I took a plastic lid from either a Pringles can or yogurt container and cut a round piece of burgundy velvet about 1/2" larger all around the can. I then gathered it near the edge and pulled it over the top to the inside of the lid where it gathered very nicely. I tied it tight then put it where I wanted it on the bottom and hand sewed it to the bottom of the pincushion. It worked well as it covered up all the gathering and stuffing area and lifted it about 1/4".
I took some pics and hope you can see what I mean. My trouble is I have to keep reminding myself that it is for pins and not do too many embellishments on it. I was sewing a little fan charm on the light green velvet when that thought hit me and I took it off. Also when gathering it does mess up the stitching that is afffected by the gathers.

If anyone who has made these reads this please let me know if I am doing it right or are there some secrets I should know.

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maggi said...

What a good idea to use a covered lid as a base. Embellish all you like, there is nothing nicer than having something as beautiful as this next to you when you are sewing.