Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Well it arrived and is almost over - as I said before - time flies. Fri. morning I went to our Wellness Centre at Northwest comm. Hospital. About 10 minutes from me. I had been taking water aerobics every summer when home in the inside warm water pool for arthritis. It is a milder type of aerobics and the water is like a warm bath. Well 2 years ago the whole summer was shot with do I or don't I have a problem that they thought they spotted on a bladder scan. It ended up that I had a complete hysterectomy and thankfully no cancer. False alarm. I took no classes all summer. Last summer I had cataract surgery and no water for 6 weeks which fell right at the last 3 weeks of 1 session and the first 3 of another session. Well this year I signed up right away for twice a week. Sat. & Tues mornings and maybe that will be my good luck signing up early. Need no more surgeries. I also took a sample class on Fri. am for Tai Chi in the water. It was a nice class with a good instructor but not enough movement for me. I really feel I need as much of the aerobics as I can get.

Between this and gardening maybe I can use a few more muscles and keep myself in shape. Nothing like hauling stuff around the garden for that. Bags of compost, trsnsplanting large hostas, etc. I do enjoy it as long as it is not 90 and humid.

I have a cute little story to tell you. We went to my son's house yesterday for his youngest Tommy's 7th. birthday. The 2 little cousins I mentioned in my last post were sitting at the table after Tommy had opened his gifts. We gave him money to buy whatever he wanted and they were discussing how to spend it. They were probably talking about how much something would cost and then Tommy said "don't forget there is tax on top of that". It just tickled me that they would even think of that. We had a great time with Beef Kabobs and oven roasted potatoes and of course cake and cupcakes.
Jeana and Mike gave me a lovely plant stand with a gorgeous plant in it for a belated Mother's Day. we were on the road on our way home from Florida on Mother's Day. I needed a pot for the front porch and have been looking and this is just perfect. You can either hang the basket or take off the handle and sit it on the shelf which I think looks better.
I love it.
Hope you have all had a good long weekend. We are ordering chinese for dinner so that will be the perfect end for me. No cooking tonight.


Karen said...

Love your plant holder, I have been eyeing one of those for myself. LOL Guess what the violets are looking better, they must have needed moved to the sewing room window!!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Beautiful gift and happy exercising!

vicki said...

Freda - It's true - kids do say the darndest things! Your grandsons's are adorable! There is nothing cuter than little boys in their baseball outfits - brings back memories~~~