Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beautiful green

The one thing that really hits me when I get home is the lushness of the trees and bushes with their various shades of green. This year in particular because Illinois had such an early and warm Spring and so much of the garden is out and/or flowering. I always say I live in the woods but actually live in a very close in suburb of Chicago - about 25 miles from downtown. The nice thing about where we live are all the trees and wooded parcels. Our little corner of the world is a 6 house court that were built by individual builders and they tried very hard to keep the trees and wooded effect. We have had to remove quite a few over the last 14 years but still have many to shade us. I took some pics just to show how green it looked to me when we returned. There was an Arabian horse farm just down the street that was sold about 2 years ago and homes were to be built there - very expensive homes with large lots - but with the economy nothing has been done yet. It may be awhile. We are in a good commuter location as we are only 10 minutes from the train at Arlington Park race course and about 30 minutes from O'Hare airport.

The first is our house and the second is the side lawn on the other side of our house. You can see some of the trees.
The next is our next door neighbour to the right of us. I love the little turret the builder built. The next is the middle of the court with the 1 large tree and some evergreens. We all go together and have a little bank account which Harv manages and we paid to have roses planted around the outside. We pay the man who does the lawn on a few of our houses to look after the entrance to our court and to trim and manage the middle. I go out and fertilize the roses and haul water over there if it is very dry. It is worth it to have it look so pretty. I was looking yesterday and they have trimmed all the dead wood back and it looks like they all made it through the winter. Mine did also around the front light and up at the house. We have great neighbours and are very lucky.

It is good to be home.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a pretty home to come home to! Like you, I love all the different colours of green in the spring. To me it is much prettier than fall, despite all the colourful leaves.

Plays with Needles said...

Welcome home Freda! It does look wonderful!

Debra said...

There's no place like Home! Either one!

Gina E. said...

Wow, you live in a beautiful estate! We don't see that kind of green over here unless one goes to Tasmania, the southern-most state of Australia.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Welcome home, dear Freda!

vicki said...

What a gorgeous neighborhood - love that your home is surrounded by lush trees. You are so right - the beautiful spring green is amazing! Great photos! You have a beautiful home!