Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Computer Troubles

I have been having trouble with my computer. In Florida we had trouble with the 2 laptops and the desk dell getting on the internet even though we had bought an expensive router and should have had no trouble. Thought it would drive me crazy. You never knew if you could get on the internet or not. When not I would give a big yell to the man of the house demanding why mine would not work while his did. He would call the router company and get someone in India and they would walk him through it and it would work for that day but once turned off there we go again. The last couple of weeks in Florida I never turned my computer off so I knew I could use it when I wanted.

Well back in Illinois not that problem but a new one. I picked up a VIRUS and it completely locked down. First time this has ever happened. Well Harv played around with it and couldn't get anywhere so he emailed our wonderful son in Minneapolis and said he would call him that night. David works at the head office of Target Corp. in their computer end. Well they got together on the phone that night and David walked him through it and they managed to get it going. Probably saved us $100. or so in a repair plus we know no one in this area other then stores who do this stuff. We have someone in Florida who lives right in our community who is excellent also.

I never open an attachment from someone I do not know and they are always in my junk anyway. This apparently came from someone I know who of course did not know they were passing on a virus. Lets hope another one doesn't come along anytime soon.

Thank you David for all your help. I am always calling him or asking him about computer things and he is very patient with me. He is the guy who got me started on this blog and he does read it to see what I am up to.

Just showing a couple of pretties today. I was at the grocery store and saw these roses that are a color I love and bought a bunch. I was surprised with the color of the one flower. It has almost a speckled look to it while the rest do not.

No sewing done lately. I am still incorporating what I took to Florida with my stash here and it is a great deal of trouble. I think this may be the last year I do this. Next year just take my beads and ribbons and buy whatever I decide to work on down there -
OR work on all those UFOs.


maggi said...

Glad that you got your computer fixed. I am not surprised you bought the roses, they are lovely.

Plays with Needles said...

I came looking for the green shoes...but the roses were a nice stand in...i think they'd look pretty with the green shoes...