Monday, March 29, 2010


My dear friend Barb from SC whose beautiful embroidery work I showed a month or so ago - they were the 2 pics of thread painting from the Trish burr book that I had given her - told me she was sending me something in the mail and when it arrived there was this gorgeous small piece of punchneedle work that was done with only one thread like the rug I had recently purchased. She said she knew she wouldn't use it in anything and I could probably use it in my CQ. I had packed away all my squares and given myself a rest from it but immediately brought them all out to try and find a home for this piece. Unfortunately some squares are finished and others done to a point where I could not find a spot for it. I will in my next project.

I thought I had this figured out to post my writing under the picture but worked on the first one then when I added more pics they just went on top so I obviously haven't figured this out yet.

Sat. morning I went to the antique show in downtown Mt. Dora. They close off the streets and the dealers set up up and down the streets. I found there to be fewer real antiques dealers and more purse makers, jewellery makers, etc. I believe they did advertise it with arts & crafts also. I did a quick run around and did buy a couple of things but do not have pics taken yet. I left there and went to Renningers flea market as I needed fruit and veggies. I wandered around and did find quite a few small things. The one that delighted me was a small picture frame made out of the old celluloid with a curved glass front. The front is removeable so you can put your own pic in. For now I just left the photo in it from a magazine and put it on the front hall table with a few Easter items I had set out a week or so ago. There is also a pic of that. The next thing from the same man is a small about 4" jug with the cranberry colored glass on it. I have quite a few souvenier jugs and little holders with the names etched in the glass. One is the name Dorothy which was the name of my middle sister who passed away 3 years ago. I never called her Dorothy - always Do, Dodo or Dot. Another one of the pieces is a small jug with a complete cranberry top and it is etched "State Fair, Tampa, 1906, Daisy to Mother". I don't know why I like these old pieces so much but they mean far more to me then fancy jewellery or diamonds. I get such pleasure out of having them and looking at them.

Harv had his turn at the dermatologist today and he came home sporting 2 bandaids on his face and one under his arm. That one they just removed as it was irritating him and the other 2 took biopsies and will know in a week if they have to do anything more. He has a lot on his bald spot and they have a new to us treatment. They coat the area with an ointment then you wait 2 hours and they put you in front of a blue light that they leave on for a certain length of time. It is to do them all at once. He has already had many small ones taken off. This is a new treatment to us but this Dr. specializes in cancer patients only so hence all the fancy equipment. We both spent lots of time in the sun when young so are paying for it now. If we could only convince the younger generation of what the sun can do to us plus I just hate the thought of tanning beds. Cannot imagine doing that. Well have to go make like I am making dinner. I do have leftovers and something we both like so it will be easy.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Tanning of any nature gives me the heebie jeebies. I can't stay in the sun for any length of time because I break out in little itchy blisters. Needless to say I enjoy my 'outdoors' from the sunroom as much as I can!
Love your 'pretties' in your pictures!

maggi said...

A lovely gifts and the finds are great too. Perhaps it is the fact that they have history that makes them so appealing.

I think that it is high time the 'English Rose' look came back in as that is about the only way to get the youngsters to stop being sun-worshippers. Silly of them really as they have far more information available o them than we did when we were young.