Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I just talked to my daughter and she tells me it is a gorgeous day in Chicago. High 50's and sunny. The only trouble is they have been having 50's and lots of rain for the past couple of weeks and she said the daffodils are pokng up out of the ground. When things start coming up too early then the cold weather returns we have trouble. Good old Mother Nature.

I have no sewing pictures today but have some greenery to display. Awhile ago I said I was turning into my Mother and after last week I am turning into my MIL. She was not the least bit interested in gardening, anything outside but she did love her African Violets. She had them in a sunny but cool glassed in porch on the front of her house and they just thrived. She would pinch leaves and grow them into plants and give them away to who ever wanted them. She would also pinch a leaf from someone if they had one she didn't. Well last week at the flea market one of the plant fellows had African Violets 2.99 each. I bought 3. This is sort of dumb because we are leaving in about 6-7 weeks and have absolutely no way of getting them home in our crowded van. The ones I really wanted and have been looking for are the miniature violets. Someone had them at the end of April just as we were leaving and this year that lady is no longer there. Those I would hold on my lap all the way home if I could find them. Have any of you seen the miniatures?
So much space is taken up with the wheelchair re-habbing they do that we have a trunk about 1 foot deep. I will see if any of the full time gals down here want them. They would just die outside in the heat.

I have taken a pic of the tall terrarium with orchids and 2 of these and then I put one in the small lantern on the hall table. I also put a very small orchid under glass and a pretty ivy and flower bowl I put outside on the pedestal.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely pictures! I got my very first orchid this past weekend and I'm hoping I am lucky enough to keep it alive. I have lots of African violets and like starting new ones. I've never tried the minis, but an elderly friend of mine had all kinds of them before she died. She belonged to a club & had fancy growing lights and such for them.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Your orchids & violets are beautiful!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my Alice tags! I am sooo excited to receive my book, aren't you?