Friday, March 5, 2010


I joined in a Alice In Wonderland swap with Karla Nathan and 70 some odd of her "friends". We are to each make 6 tags and Karla is making up a little book for each of us and we will get it back with 6 assorted tags. I just finished mine and took them to the post office today. Can you imagine poor Karla making all those books and swapping out cards. On top of that I just read in her post that she had that bad flu bug going around and was so dehydrated she had to go to the hospital and get intravenous liquids. Poor thing. I actually made 8 - one for me to add to the book and one to send to my daughter. I was lucky that I had picked up a bag of old watch parts at the flea market and was able to put a real clock face on each one. Some larger like the one you will see and some smaller - lady sized. I really had a nerve entering this because I had never made a tag before but I think they didn't turn out bad for the first time. As I said before I could really get into this paper thing except what do you do with it when finished. Of course that didn't stop me buying 2 books of paper today at JoAnns. Yes I was there again. They were 50% off and I just couldn't resist buying them. Just gorgeous papers to look at and to feel some of them. No magazines that I wanted. They hardly ever have the Somerset ones at our JoAnns. Maybe it is too small of a store. The manager said she just takes whatever they send and has no choice. I will have to go the larger one soon and see what they have. Here are more first tags.

If you can see it - the staple holding the small ribbon is bright green. My dear friend Pat Winter had sent me one of her wonderful presents with the little brooch and I noticed she had used green staples. Funny how something stands out to you. I Asked Pat
where she had found them and she said WalMart. Well off I went but they didn't have them down here. So this past Mon. when all my little gifts came in there was one from Pat with a box of green staples, 2 gorgeous hand dyed ribbons on those pretty, pretty cards she uses to wrap the ribbon and several silkies for me to use. She said WalMart didn't have them up there either but she found them at Office Max. So look around gals you might find some colored ones at Staples or other stores. If you ever see Purple ones let me know so I could buy them and send them to Pat.


Sharon said...

Your tag is darling!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely tag Freda! You've done something I haven't attempted yet.