Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This past sunday was the 3rd. Sunday of the month when they have extra dealers at the antique end of the market. I went and there were a lot of dealers. I must have been there 3-4 hours. I picked up some goodies that I will show part of tonight.

The case with the blue lining I assume is a hankie case. It was on a table with a bunch of hankies and all were .50 cents and so was the case. I bought about a dozen and took a pic of a few. They will be cutters for cq. The one with the turquoise edging I bought for the edging alone. Will remove it and use it elsewhere. The brocade they are laying on is a beautiful light blue with cream and gold. There are about 3 or more yards of it and it was 1.00. Sometimes you just hit it right.

I have been off for a few days as I had to have a cancerous spot removed from my head right near the hairline in the middle of my head. They took a biopsy and determined it was cancer so had to go Mon. am and have more removed. After all was done I ended up with a very large T shaped cut right about 2" across the top of my forehead and about 2" into my head. I was on pain pills for Mon. & Tues and went back yesterday and had the dressing changed. Haven't counted the stitches but know it was a very hard place to stitch hence the large cut across. There is not much skin on our heads to draw together. Hopefully once this is healed my hair should come down and cover it. Otherwise I will be checking out Harv's baseball cap collection. That would be a pretty sight.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my goodness...take care of you! That sounds painful (and scary too). As for wearing Harvs baseball could CQ some for yourself and make a much better fashion statement.

maggi said...

What a scary time for you. Do take care of yourself. Lovely finds at the flea market.

Barbara C said...

I hope you're on the mend from your surgery. These hankies are a lovely find--great stuff for cq.