Friday, March 12, 2010


Remember that oldies song wherein it rains all day long. Well that is us. It poured all night and all day until late afternoon. Both Harv and I had eye Dr. visits. Mine was for a sty on the eye that I went to see about 2 weeks or so ago. She gave me drops and I was bathing it and washing it 4 times a day and drops at bedtime. Well it is better but not gone completely and she wasn't very happy with it. She has now put me on some prednisone and antibiotic ointment to put in the eye at bedtime for 10 days and then we will see. Harv went just for a check-up as he didn't go last summer at home plus they take his eye insurance here where at home the opthamologist we have gone to for about 35 years doesn't so it makes sense to have someone here. He is like an old elephant - great memory (puts me to shame) and doesn't need glasses at his age. Can you believe it. Cataracts starting but very little. What a guy.

It was too dark again today to take pictures of the finished triangles but is supposed to be a beautiful sunny, high 70's weekend. Lets hope.

I have 2 pics I took of a very old punchneedle little piece with punchneedle done so fine it must have just used one thread. Thought you would enjoy seeing it. It would make a good box cover or a dollhouse rug. Found it at my usual fleamarket.


Sharon said...

Your punch needle is lovely. As I was driving into town today the car radio was going on and on about your storms yesterday. It sounds like you dodged the bullit. Some condos lost their roofs. So stay safe. Sharon

gocrazywithme said...

Wow, that punchneedle is incredible. I've never done it, but saw a demonstration at the Colorado CQ retreat last year. That must have taken someone a very long time. It would be adorable in a dollhouse.

You asked where "River City/ Happy Valley" is. That's just what I sometimes call my town, which is actually Grand Junction, Colorado. It was originally named for the confluence of two rivers, so that's how it got the official name.......and it sits in a valley, and I'm happy here, soooo, Happy Valley! LOL