Saturday, February 27, 2010

Received gift

One day last week the mailman bought me a little box of fun. It was the prize I had won from Susan Elliott's giveaway. Anyone who reads her blog -plays with will understand when I say I looked the box all over before I even opened it. In her usual artistic way she had decorated it and covered all seasons. When I opened it I found a beautiful card with a lovely note from Susan and a heart shaped container that she had decorated. When I opened it she had filled it with lots of little goodies that will be perfect for embellishing both fabric and paper if you so desire. Lately I have been getting into the paper mood. Maybe I need a change from the needle and thread. I have joined a Alice In Wonderland tag swap and am getting my feet wet practicing to make something good enough to send. When I get a finished project I will take a pic and post it.

I have seen all I want to see of the Olympics and am going to take the night off and watch some of the programs I have tvod?. Harv will probably watch the hockey game and of course tomorrow he will be ready for the US/Canada game. It should be super.
Have a good night.


Gina E. said...

How interesting that you are also moving on to paper crafting lately, Freda. One of my friends here (who is actually American born) is seriously into all things paper, and she has introduced me to some fascinating and fun projects. I recently posted a pic of Russian paper dolls that I made, and will be posting more photos as I create things that are worth photographing!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Susan is so wonderful and generous!

And congrats to you and Harv on Canada's hockey win. I'll be he is still yelling with joy.....

La Maison said...

Hello,I like your blog and I'm going to follow you.

Have a nice day,


Plays with Needles said...

So sorry I missed this post! Glad you enjoyed it and it was nice of you not to mention how incredibly late it was...Just in time for Alice in Wonderland...I'm late, I'm late...

I'm curious to see what you're making for your tag swap. I've got AiW fever too and intend to do my March bjp in a related theme....I'm re-reading the book now before I go see the movie.

Loved the little needlebook idea too. you are right! That would be a beautiful and QUICK way of making a needlebook! I have some cocktail napkins all hand-embroidered with shells...wouldn't that be lovely?? Enjoy your weekend and thanks to all of you beautiful Candadians for hosting a fabulous winter games! I enjoyed every moment! Even losing in the hockey game...I actually thought it was better for you to win, under the circumstances...though don't tell my team I said that...xo Susan