Sunday, February 21, 2010

I cannot believe a week has passed so fast. When your son calls you up and says Mom you haven't blogged since Monday then you know it is time.

I have had a busy week between housework, a luncheon, the Olympics, sewing pillowcases which I will show you and life in general I have hardly been near the computer. Just a quick check of emails and that is it.

I mentioned making pillowcases and this is for Operation Pillowcase I heard about through Deb. Spincic. They were trying to get 200 pillowcases made to be sent to a unit in either Iraq or Afhganistan. I said I would make some and I am happy to say I made 15. I will show a pic of examples. I made: 4 nascar print, 2 hockey print, 2 football print, 2 dog print and for the ladies (we forget they are over there also) 3 star fabric and 2 from a length of mock crazy quilt fabric for a total of 15 cases. I will be mailing them off this week. Stay tuned for a great giveaway basket for gals making cases for the next group which will be for 500 soldiers. You do not have to buy fabric. I did because I had nothing down here except fancies but the quilters are using up their old stashes and they are looking great. More on this in a week or so.

Also included in my busy week was a few hours at the January Extravaganza at Renningers flea market. It was finally a nice sunny day and I did buy quite a few different things BUT the thing that tickled me the most cost 1.00. It was a pair of rick rack earrings hand made. I took pics but had a hard time getting good shots. I was in a hurry making dinner at the same time. They were made out of 4 layers of rick rack - ist is pink rimmed with silver, next purple then another layer of pink & silver and purple on top. There are flower spokes going out in a metallic thread with a pearl in the middle. She had 3 pair but these were the prettiest. They were the old screw backs so assume they were made awhile back. Funny what tickles the funnybone. I also took a picture of a card of mother of pearl buttons I got. The very large purplish one at the bottom left did not come on the card. I just put it there for the pic. I bought it to go on my quilt I am working on and a couple of the others will likely appear there also. I am signing off to go watch the skating coming up.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Those earrings are intriguing! It would be fun to learn to make them to include on CQ that what you have in mind?

Debra said...

Thanks so much for the pillowcases, Freda!!

and I agree --those earrings are intriguing!

Gina E. said...

You know Freda, you Americans are so thoughtful of your troops. I might be wrong, but I don't know of any organisation here that sends handmade stuff to Australian troops overseas. Especially in Iraq and those places, as they are a political football over here. So many people disapprove of our guys (and girls) even being there.
I really take my hat off to you all for making those pillowcases - and all the other stuff you do.