Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Tonight I am going to give you my opinion of Ann Cox's new Book A-Z of Silk ribbon Flowers. This is a beautiful book and she gives instructions for making 32 different silk ribbon flowers. She also goes into detail about painting backgrounds and painting the silk ribbon flowers once they are made. I would not recommend this book for beginners. I would say that this is more for the experienced silk ribbon embroiderers. I myself would be nervous painting the petals of a flower once it was all done and down on a cq block. What if you messed it up and had to rip it out. I think I would do my flowers first on a piece of fabric, then paint them and when dry sew them into your cq square. Tthat is probably just me - nervous Annie. I bet Allie and Barbara B. could do a great job on these.

I have Ann Cox's other books and think they are more geared to the beginner.
It is wonderful eye candy and I am glad I received it.

I was asked by Queen Bee's Musing what color butterfly was I going to put in the middle of my quilt. Here is my answer" Thanks for visiting my blog. I should tell you that about the only thing common to the butterfly quilt and my version is that I liked the way they laid out the blocks and did the triangles around the center. I do not think there will be a butterfly in the middle. I am thinking of an angel or fairy that I would make wings for and embellish it down to a background. First I have to find a good size pic that I can blow up and print to 8 1/2 x 11 - then think about adding wings. We will see what happens when I get all the blocks done.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thanks for the review and I think I will give this book a pass, at least until I can find a copy at the library, because it sounds like it is beyond my current abilities. Nice to know I won't have to extend my book wish list any further!