Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am back to being a happy camper. My computer was down since Mon. due to a boondogle with our new Router. We now have our dell computer in the den, Harv's new laptop in the sunroom and my laptop in my sewing room. Well he was trying to make them into a network and something went wrong and guess who was without a computer for a few days. I could use the dell to get my email but all my blog stuff was on mine and I could not get at it. Well he just got it fixed and here I am. I may even start feeding him again.

I have a little prize package ready to send out to Teresa but her address was in my favorites and couldn't get at it. Hopefully I can get to the post office tomorrow and get it on its way. About time, eh Teresa?

Recently I went to the blog for "Haiti by Hand" and they have an etsy shop where artists are donating some of their works and all the proceeds are going directly to Haiti. Well I went and looked and found this lovely journal made by Ludid Ryu. Along with the journal she enclosed a pack of note cards for me. Very generous of her to add this in also to my purchase. As I said the artists are making nothing on this just giving from their hearts.

I have included pictures of the front cover, the very ingenious backcover and closing. She filled it with a generous supply of artist's paper for journaling. She also included a smaller piece of colored paper every third page all the way throuhout the journal. She closed it with velcro in a very neat way. The front cover has a great piece of decorated fabric that wraps around to the back and closes with the velcro and she has designed a small beaded piece also for the back. She gave me her blog address on a card she enclosed but I cannot get through to it. Will keep trying to give her my thanks.


Ludid said...

thank you for such a lovely post about the journal. it was such a joy to make and i hope you enjoy it fully.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Poor Harv, not being fed for all that time! Glad your computer woes are over (but not half as glad as he is, I'll bet!!).
A beautiful journal with such great attention to detail. Lovely journal and a cause we all need to help out.

Debra said...

Nothing makes this household more unbearable than not having a working computer. Phew!