Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well another day has passed but I did get started on a new project. I ordered the Piecemakers 2009 calender back in the summer and liked the look of the featured butterfly quilt. I have started cutting out blocks but am making them to a smaller scale. I am reducing the month blocks from 14" to 10" blocks and that meant that I could not use any of their dimensions for the center and triangles or borders, etc. I have reduced the centre diamond proportionately. I have a large roll of pattern fibre fabric in the cupboard so I am cutting all the sample pieces and drawing on it then will transfer same to the muslin. I pulled a lot of fabrics before I left chicago and Karen south helped me greatly by pulling colors for me in the packets that I purchased from her. She has some great fabrics. I bought some thin grey fabric with silver butterflies on it at JoAnnes and I am incorporating a butterfly in each block. the only trouble is they are a glitter type and I am finding myself co vered in glitter. Hope it won't disappear over time. I think I may need to spray some kind of a fixative over each little piece before I add them. I will put out a call for help on our sites and see if anyone has a suggestion. I have pizza in the oven so too late to take pics. I will take some tomorrow of what I am doing and will try and let you follow me on this journey.

I do have one pic to add today. My daughter sent me one of our big old boy Bauer mentioned in the post below. Here he is:


Karen S said...

Freda sounds like you are getting a great start with your calendar quilt. I can't wait to see pictures!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Me too, Freda! I'm also intrigued by your making sample patches before cutting out your final ones. Why? I want to learn about