Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I have been decking the halls around here with some Christmas cheer that I will share with you. The Christmas stocking I had seen in a shop called The Past Basket in Geneva, IL and fell in love with it except didn't love the price. I went home and voila came up with my own pattern. I made 5 of these in different colorways for myself and at least another 10 for my gals and my sister's DD & DILs. I have 2 in Chicago and brought 3 down to Florida. With 2 houses I now do a bit in each as we return home every year for Christmas for about 2 weeks. Not long enough to go all out but too long not to do something. The first pic (I hope) will be the sock. this is for Allie and Barb B. When hanging this one up I noticed that I had burnt the edges of the overlapping organdy pieces. I have yet to do it with silk leaves or roses but I guess I was ahead of the game back then. Probably made these 7-8 years ago at least.

The next pics are of various areas of our great room. I did a little Martha Stewart copy with the little village scene on the 3rd. shelf of the bakers rack. I have always loved these little old houses, churches, etc. from the 40-50s era. I picked these pieces up at the local flea markets or antique shops. The Nativity scene in the middle back was actually a Christmas swap present at our ladies group luncheon. Brought it home and saw that it fit perfectly in with this scene. Was made for me. Well I will go now and try to download all the pics. Keep my fingers crossed.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great minds must be thinking alike! I was working on stockings today. The guys have changed girlfriends since last Christmas so I reverse-sewed the tops and created new ones to reflect the new names. Jack thinks I should just put the names on velcro so I can change them out every time there's new girl on the scene. He might just be right!!

FredaB said...

Hi MaryAnne

I just love your sense of humour. Might not be a bad idea - just velcro the names on.