Friday, December 19, 2008

Thought I would spend a little more time on punchneedle after reading the comments. First the Dancing Needle is available thru Pamela Gurney's site in Australia: As far as I know she is the only one who makes this large needle. Now at the same time she does say it can also be used in making rugs so if there are some rug makers out there maybe they have a needle that would also do the ribbon. I would think the fineness of the tip would be the important part as a large tip would punch too much space and the ribbon wouldn't hold.

She has published at least 4 books because I have 3 and not the one with the pansies on the cover. I believe that is her latest book. The one before that is Dancing Needles and that is where she talks about the large needle and gives directions on how to make flowers. I am going to order a needle to be shipped when I get back to Florida and I will keep you posted on how I get along.

Mary the loops on the basket on the left are loopier (?) and that gives the impression you liked. Is loopiness a word? You adjust the length of the stitch on the needle to get the length of loop that you want and the thread used also makes a difference.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thank you for the further info about a dancing needle...I will check out the site. I was just so intrigued by that name!

Mary Corbet said...

Ahhh! Thanks for the info! I, too, am going to look up the dancing needle... and I may have to re-experiment with my punchneedles. I have six of seven of them I've picked up here or there, and have just never really liked the results. But I do like the loopiness on those flowers!

I'm sure loopiness is a word - normally, I think it refers to the state of my mind when it's looong past bed time!