Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here I am for the second go round with the pics. This sure is a learning curve for me. The little lantern in the top picture I bought at Marshall Fields in Chicago at their very first Paris flea market. Their buyers went to Paris and returned with crates full of stuff then they turned one of their floors into a Paris flea market. It was great fun and I bought quite a few things. I had a friend with me and I remember her and I struggling to the train station loaded down with heavy shopping bags. This was an actual lantern with the house and street number on a plate on the front of it. I use it as a little conservatory. I have a maidenhair fern and an African violet in there. Not really christmas but thought you might find it interesting.
The bottom rack of the bakers rack is a little village ala Martha Stewart. She did an article in her Christmas issue a few years back showcasing these little antique houses and churches. I have always loved these. Probably from the 40-50s era. I bought mine at various flea markets and antique stores.

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