Monday, December 15, 2008

We had a good trip home to Chicago on Sunday except for the weather. It started sleeting rain Sun pm and the temps. dropped to 6 above zero this morning. Our driveway is a sheet of frozen snow. Welcome to winter in the north.

I spent the day with my daughter putting together some jewellery for Christmas presents. I had found some great findings at JoAnnes in Florida on clearance and shipped them up to her so today we played. I made a couple of necklaces and she made some bracelets for teacher gifts. I didn't have time to take pics as I left it all at her house until we finish. She had her husband's Christmas party to take the 3 boys to and had to leave around 4. I told her she was lucky they still have a party. They used to be very popular with companies for the children but most have given them up.

I do have a pic to add. Today in the stack of mail was one of Jo from New Zealand's post cards. It is beautiful. It has a very NZ Maori look to it. Whether Jo meant that or it is just my interpretation of it but it is very nice. Her stitching is so gorgeous. So even. Unfortunately you will see a little discoloration where I think it met up with Chicago's weather. Who knows if the postman dropped it or what - but still gorgeous. I have one hanging in my sewing room in Florida on my board and now have one for my board here. Lucky me - Santa came early.


Jo in NZ said...

Gosh, that arrived quickly Freda! I was trying to figure out how to get your Florida address, when you blogged you were heading back. How perfect!
No, I didn't intend a Maori design. Sorry about the weather, as yet I have no control over that, or the postie!! lol
ps your package arrived here safe and sound too. Contents already put to good use. Thanks.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very beautiful! I can see why you would think it was Maori because I immediately thought 'ethnic' when I saw it.