Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flea market find

We are leaving for Chicago in the morning and I was out doing last minute errands like mailing cards at the post office, returning library books, etc. and decided to run to the flea market for a fast look. The flea market is usually my Sunday morning stroll and I haven't been there on a Sat. for quite awhile. Well something must have told me to go and I stopped at the booth of the gal I bought the old rocking chair from a couple of weeks back.

Don't think I was posting then so must take a pic when I get back and show you this lovely old rocker. At our flea market we have 4 inside buildings and then there are a few outside open sided ones then there are the vendors who just sell out in the field. The booth of the gal in question is called the English Rose and yes she is very English. Pretty blond gal with a knockout accent. Well we said hi and I turned around to look at her furniture across the aisle and what did I spy but a large black conservatory. It is only 19" square but on legs with a shelf and then the glassed in area with doors plus a fancy top to it. She had just bought it in this morning and it must have been pre-ordained. I asked her how much and she said a ridiculous amount beause I have seen these go for way up in the hundreds in stores. I said sold but how do I get it home. At the peak it must be 7 feet tall. She offered to have her friend bring it to me in a truck when we return from Chicago. Well that sealed the deal. I can't wait now to get back and get this out in my new sunroom and start decorating. We had mostly white wicker but with all the glass with white trim and the beige walls it looks bland so I need to do some decorating to lift the color level. I could just picture this in one corner where I used to put a birdcage.

Now the birdcage stand will probably hold a plant in another area. If I had not gone I am sure it would have been gone and I never even would have seen it. Some things are just meant to be. This is my kind of decorating. I love flea markets, secondhand stores. It is all in the hunt. To just go in a furniture store and buy it all brand new is no fun for me.

I took the camera and snapped a couple of photos of my new rocker. My husband said it really doesn't look like our Florida stuff but I said looking at it makes me happy. I love antiques. Dont'y ou think this is a pretty old chair? It is in excellent condition and I just loved the small nailheads on the top slat. The caning is the original.
Will see you all from Chicago.

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Gerry said...

Hi Freda. Welcome to blogland! The chair is gorgeous.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Love the chair! You have such wonderful flea markets...ours (at least the ones locally) are nothing but junk and not worth even going to. Too bad, because I'd love 'finds' like this! Can't wait to see your new purchase.

Yvonne said...

Freda, friend and roommate... love your blog! I find I like the ones with lots of pictures, which you've certainly done.

Love your chair, too. I know it'll fit well into your house. Bring pictures if you come to Omaha next summer.