Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yesterday was a beautiful day here, mid 70's, no wind, and Harv decided to go fishing. He goes to the next town usually that has a wonderful lake walk with guard rails that he can fish from.  He enjoys the fishing and the chatting with other people he meets there.

He caught this beauty of a bass and gave it to a young man who said it would be his supper.  Harv fishes just for the pleasure of it and usually throws them back.  This one was too large just to do that and the young fella was very happy to get it.

We also had a big visitor who came out of the pond behind our house this afternoon.  Last year we watched one come up from the pond, start digging in the sand and laid her eggs. She covered them up and then went back in the pond.  We noticed a lot of large birds circling and probably watching for her to finish covering them up and then they would swoop down and eat them.  I fooled them by laying a small piece of plywood over that spot and left it for a day or two and they never came back to bother it.  We did not see the eggs develop but am sure there are some small turtles in the pond from that.  Maybe this is the same large female turtle.


Maggi said...

A great catch and I'm sure that the young man that Harv gave it to enjoyed his supper that night. They do say that turtles return to the same spot to lay their eggs so there is a good chance that this is the same one. Hope the little ones survive.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Just look at that proud smile on Harv's face! Nice catch!

Carol in Clermont said...

Welcome back to FL. We have retelled the turtle story so many timese. Congratulations to Harv on the huge catch. Ate at the restaurant on 19 by the park and took a walk along the lake..thought about him fishing there. See you soon.

Carol in Clermont said...

Retelled???New word? I should proof!!