Thursday, November 1, 2012

I used to do a lot of heirloom sewing and smocking when my grandaughter was little and when she wasn't as gifts for others, etc.  I had not made a bonnet in quite a few years and decided to do one as an auction item.  I also found a 100% red, black and white 100% wool plaid blanket.  Quite a few gals have cottages and last time I found one of these it went for over 100.00.  Nice if it happens again.

I belong to Godey Questers in Arlington Hts and we have an anuual auction one evening in Nov. and each member is asked to donate an item worth 25.00 or more to be auctioned.  Husbands are invited as usually they will spend more or encourage their wives to buy something they like (method to our madness).  The money we make goes to pay for our programs and partially for field trips throughout our year (Sept. to May).

Two of our members had a daughter marry the son of another  member and this Spring the couple had a litle baby girl.  I thought this bonnet would be a perfect thing for one of these grandmothers to bid on.  Their may be a bidding war between the two for who will get to give it to her.

I had fun doing some smocking again.

In case you wonder Questers is a National Organization for women interested in history and antiques which is the theme for our field trips or programs.

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