Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We arrived safely in Mt. Dora sunday about 6 pm.  Good drive except for about 3-4 hours of rain thru IL & IN.  Cleared up when we got near Kentucky and was a good trip the rest of the way.  One little glitch was we arrived about 7 Sat. night and when I checked into The Country Inn & Suites we had reservations for she handed me the key card and said room 301.  My mind went click and I asked her was it a handicapped room as requested and she said it was.  I thought it was strange on the 3rd. floor but she said we have an elevator so they are on all 3 floors.  Coming back from Toronto in Oct. we had stayed at a CI&S in MI and they had put us on the second floor and it worked out so I thought you will be okay here.  Well it was all well until I went to go to the car Sun. morning while Harv was getting ready and there was a sign on the elevator door - OUT OF ORDER - I ran down 3 flights and asked did they have a freigt elevator and he said no only the one.  Before I hyperventilated before his eyes he informed me the service man had been called and should be there soon.  I had to go up 3 flights and inform Harv we might be there for awhile.  We decided the best thing was I would bring up breakfast and that would kill some time.  Down 3 flights I go again and carry a tray with breakfast up 3.  After breakfast I was down there again and he said the repairman had just pulled in.  Well he did repair it and we were delayed about an hour longer then we would have been otherwise.

The lesson learned here is to ask not only for a handicapped room and is it on the first floor. If not no go.  The reason I even worried about it as years ago we stayed in a Holiday Inn in Barrie, Ontario and the first floor was all restaurant, bar, gym, etc. and rooms were on the 2nd and up.  We were on the 2nd and were in bed about 11 at night and the fire signals go off and a maid is banging on room doors getting everyone up and out.  Well no elevator as they shut down automatically when the fire alarm sounds.  We got dressed and went into the hallway and luckily 2 familys were there and the 2 young men offered to carry Harv in the chair down to the lobby.  We found out after this that our section of the hotel wasn't even involved and we didn't have to come down.  It was in another building.
I still think of those 2 young men and how kind they were.  This is why my mind went click when she said 3rd. floor.  Never again.

I finished the boho bag with the Gypsy and am showing a picture of just her so you can see how pretty she is.  I also brought the black dragonfly bag down.  I was going to put it in the Questers Auction but once I did the bonnet I changed my mind.  If I don't use it I can take it home in May and use it for next year.  I have more purses down here then the old saying "More then Carters got Pills".

We did early voting in IL and hope all the Americans who read this were able to get out and vote for their choice.


Pam Kellogg said...

This bag is gorgeous Freda!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Love how the bag turned out and the colors look great.
Oh my, you really got exercised!
Looks like you must remember the 1st floors!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very glad that you arrived safely! Your new bag is absolutely beautiful - such a pretty image.