Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This beautiful baby needs one of my bonnets.  I receiv ed an email from one of my Quester Grandmas that I was hoping would get my baby bonnet at the auction.  Well she did get it but had to pay $65.00 for it. Apparently there were a lot of people with little baby girls there as there were quite a few bidding on it.  She did not mention the blanket so will have to email someone and see what price it bought.  People at the auction tend to pay more then normal for items as it goes back to our community in many ways.  I felt good about this.  Maybe I should do another one next year.
I am getting ready to unpack my sewing room stuff today and have to put most of it away as my son and DIL from Minneapolis are arriving Sunday for thanksgiving.  This is my guest room also as I have a Murphy queen size bed in the wall in here.  Weather is great right now and hope it stays for all the visitors.  November is one of the prettiest months down here.  Well must go clean this room up.

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