Sunday, August 29, 2010


Friday turned out to be another beautiful day and it was the fashion show/luncheon fund raiser for my daughter's pool group. It is a private pool in their neighbourhood of Inverness and you have to become a member and buy into the pool to join. It is run strictly by a volunteer group (daughter included) and hence the fundraiser. It is an old pool and is always in need of something being updated. They have a lot of fun there, barbecues, birthday parties, etc. Sue and the 3 boys are over there almost every day when the weather is good for at least an hour or so of swimming. Most of the boys friends belong also so there is always someone to play with.

She invited me to the luncheon with the fashion show modeled by the members and the fashions were by Carole Anderson. She apparently is doing her clothing now in home sales and has over 2500 fashion directors all over the country.

They had decorated the pool and some of the gals made box lunches so once the food was paid for the profit from the lunches was all theirs. The gal who was doing the fashions was going to donate a percentage of the amount of clothing sold. It looked like most of the gals bought something. I did not because they were fall fashions and it is off to Florida come Oct. for me. They also were selling raffle tickets and she donated a sweater from the collection as a prize. There were 2 others - one a basket filled with beauty products and the large basket pictured in the wicker flower holder (not included in the prize). My daughter won the cardigan sweater and she will order her size and she will get it when the clothing arrives. It was a nice afternoon and fun was had by all.
Hope they made some good money.

The pics are of the pool, the tables, decorations leading into the grounds, decorated dress form and box lunches, the table with 2 of the gifts and the large basket in wicker.

The first pic is of my daughter. The pants she bought for them were all 35" inseam and even though Sue & one other girl were 5' 7" and 8" they had to pin them up so if they look strange at the bottom of the legs that is why.

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Sweet Old Vintage said...

the pool looks oh so inviting and I may have to resort to ours this p.m. Thanks for stopping by with kind words... I love hearing from others... Blessings and have a lovely rest of the day.