Sunday, August 15, 2010


I signed up for Jillayne's Christmas swap. We were to make 5 - 5" square Christmas designs that will be hung to make a 5 piece wall hanging. They could be made of fabric, paper, knitted, whatever as long as they were 5" square and christmas design.

I chose to work with fabric and decided to make them in the same manner I used for the flower square. I used bits of lace and made the background fabric. Then I found a Christmas pic of a little angel in a fur trimmed coat. In order for it to stick to the bumpy lace background I first adhered it to a heavyweight piece of muslin then used a heavy weight double sided adhesive fabric. After that I tried to bead around the little pic but the small beads got lost in the lace pieces and the larger beads looked too heavy so I just left the pic alone to speak for itself. Instead I used the larger beads- a size 6 irridescent bead in 4 colors. They don't show up too well in the pic but look pretty in person. Just a bit of sparkle. The last step after all was sewn down was to back it with a 5" square of heavy felt like batting that I had used in purses. It just gave it a finished look on the back covering the sewing, etc. Now I just have to make some labels, print them out in fabric and attach them to the back. Also have to tack on some little white plastic rings on each side of the top for hanging. They can remove the stitches if they do not want to hang them that way.

I hope whoever gets them likes them. I actually made 6 with one for myself. This way I will have 6 to hang. I can see them hanging from a small rod at the top and attached to a wide ribbon hanging down. They have to be in BC, Canada by Sept. 1 so will be mailed next week. I know Diane Knott is in this swap and probably other gals whose blogs I read.
Will be fun to see what we all receive.


Suztats said...

They look lovely! Maybe I'll get one of yours!

Pam Kellogg said...

Freda, they're so soft and wintery! Very pretty, despite the fact that I hate Winter! How about a few pearly sequins? I love my glitter so I put it on everything! LOL!! Hugs!

Jillayne said...

Beautiful Freda, simply beautiful! I love the combination of teh laces and angel and the beads do come through in the photo - love it!

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me, Freda! I have 2 more to make for the swap!
Hugs! Diane

marie said...

Your squares are beautiful...even before the extra sequins, etc. I'm also in Jillayne's swap. But my squares are mostly paper...I'm hoping that they fit in with all the rest. Everyone else seems to be using mostly fabric.