Monday, August 9, 2010


I mentioned Fri. that I had stopped at a garage sale in my area on the way to the library. The only reason I even went down the street is a lady with the most beautiful garden and landscaping lives down there. She sells plants including all variations of hostas usully at our community garden sale in May. This year I missed it. I thought she might have a plant sale going on. Well no luck bu did stop at a couple of others. 4 homes within a block were having sales. firt 2 did not buy anything. 3rd. one was an East Indian women selling just a few things but half of them were saris. I almost walked away without buying one. They have 6 yards of fabric in them and 5 yards of it was the same. The one I liked the best had about 1 yard of different fabric and then the pretty edge trimming. She kept cutting the price and I kept saying it is not the price but finally I gave her 8.00 and walked away with it. What surprised me was the undergarment that went with it. It is like a short blouse top with a built in bra. This I will throw away because it has been worn but was interesting. I am going to take the sari to the CQI retreat in Colorado at the end of Sept. and we will cut it up there and share it.

I went next door and the gal was almost giving everything away. I got this darling snowman for $2.00 for whichever girl will like it. I bought the table frame for 50 cents and an old double frame for 50 cents. That was it but when I got home the 2 pic frame was in plastic and something was behind it. I pulled it out and there were 5 more decorative frames for pics. One had been made with dried flowers, probably a garden club project. I bought one of these somewhere years ago and think I paid 5.00 for it.

I am beginning to think garage sale price are better then the flea market. The vendors there are there to make money. Homeowners just want to give it away and get rid of it.
I need to have one not go to one.

Yesterday I went down to my basement sewing room and went through all the fabrice down there. This is not cq stuff but actual fabric bought for dressmaking, etc. Some pieces 4-5 yards. I measured each piece and put a stickie on it and packed up 2 boxes of it. I will give it away to the next goodwill, whatever that calls me for a pickup. Have boxes of other stuff in the garage also. It felt good to get rid of it. If I knew someone who sews clothes I would give it away but it weighs too much to ship it.


maggi said...

Love the sari fabric and the colour in the top is so rich. Surely you can cut it up and use it rather than throw it out?

Gina E. said...

Indian fabric is absolutely gorgeous, as is just about everything that comes from the East (Japan, China, etc.) They really know how to make beautiful fabrics!
I can't bear the thought of you giving all your fabric away, oh I know charities will make good use of it, but..perhaps you can do a giveaway competition to your blog friends, by cutting the nicer stuff into fat quarter size, and putting them into small bundles that wouldn't cost much to post overseas - hint hint, lol lol!! Hark at me telling you what to do;-)

Debra said...

Would any of the fabric be good for the donation quilts? If so, I will pay for the shipping.

(It doesn't have to be cotton but it does have to be sturdy.)