Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pillow finished

Just a fast post to show you that I finally finished the pillow that sat in a drawer for a few years. I showed the needlepoint canvas a couple of months ago and when Sue & I went fabric shopping for her bathroom I found this trim. I used some no wale royal blue cordouroy for the backing and because the pillow is really not very big I decided the fringe should be larger then just a 1" fringe. I found this and because it went well with the blue in the flag I grabbed it without really looking at it too well.
When I got it home I saw it was not meant to be finished inside the pillow edge but had to be sewn on the outside. I made and finished the pillow then sat and hand sewed it all around. I am going to take it to Florida and put it on the sofa in Harv's den if it looks good there. Otherwise who knows. Maybe one of the grandsons might like it. At least it is another UFO finished. Still have many more.

It was hard to get a good pic of the fringe because it is so floppy. Why a Great Britain flag pillow? I have always loved England - not necesarily London but the beautiful countryside and my Mother was born there near Birmingham. My husband would give you another reason for me to go there. The potteries in what he says is the ugliest part of England but where else do you find Wedgewood, Royal Doulton and all my other favorites.
He used to gripe but always took me there - good guy.

Why oh why do the pictures turn. 1 turned - 2 ok. There has to be an answer for this.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Are the pictures 'turned' sideways when you download them from your camera? If so, there is likely a setting in your computer program where you can change the orientation (generally it says something along the lines of 'rotate'). Then made sure you 'save' your change. Hopefully that will help?

Anonymous said...

Freda, yes, you can "rotate" your photos after you've downloaded them. I know...this computer stuff is tricky!
The pillow turned out beautiful. Hubby is of British descent and we've been to England several times, never to see the Wedgewood factory though.
Guess what! I just ran the Avery whole page label through my copier and viola! I have 3 postcards printed on it perfectly!
Thank you so much for sending me the sample. I will buy more of these for sure!
Hugs! Diane

marie said...

This pillow is wonderful - my son-in-law is from England so I always notice "English" things!

I found your blog through Diane Knott. She posted about some paper from Avery that she used. I was wondering if you could tell me what it is...I would love to get some and give it a try.

Debra said...

1 UFO down, 5000 to go but who is counting?! Great looking pillow!