Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Here is another set of pics of block 8. I missed the daylight yesterday so waited to take them outside this afternoon. I should mention that the pretty rose on the tatted piece I made in a class with Helen Gibb at the Omaha CQ retreat 3 or 4 years ago. You hold onto stuff long enough you will find a place for it.

Went to water aerobics this morning and then this afternoon had a Dr. appt. to set up for a colonoscopy. We just talked and he explained all what he would do and I have a date for Sept. 3 at 11 am at Alexian Bros. hospital. I guess I won't be blogging on Thurs. night.
They have a new to us way of doing it now. He has you drink just half of the stuff in the afternoon and then he said to set the alarm for 1am and then drink the other half. He said they find doing it this way makes for a much cleaner area then if you do it all at once. I wonder how much I will get to sleep after the other half goes down. This group of doctors have 3 different locations where they do the procedure. He walked me out to the desk and I turned to him and said where would he be doing this. He misunderstood me and looked at me kinda strange and said where I do everyone - up thru the rectum. Talk about a misunderstanding. I don't know who was more embarrassed. The girl on the desk just doubled up with laughter. This is one they will probably talk about for awhile. He probably thought this women is really dumb after I have spent 20 minutes or so explaining everything she asks me this. You gotta love them.


Diane said...

Oh you brave girl. This is one a person needs a sense of humor for!

Suztats said...

Hope it goes well. My prep was a little different, half at night, and the other half in the AM. Guess every Dr. has their preferred method. Hope the DR. blushed when you explained 'where' to him.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think every block is just getting prettier and prettier than the last (but then again, I could be thinking that because I'm forgetting what I've seen before!). However, I must say how gorgeous the rose is on the tatted piece. Absolutely yummy!
As for the 'other' part of your post - good luck. Glad you at least made the office staff laugh!

Sharon said...

Your work is absolutely amazing. Just beautiful. I would love to sit right next to you and watch you stitch. Good luck on the other thing. Just keep smiling!