Monday, July 5, 2010

Lesson 3

The above pics are what I have made with the ribbons that we were to dye in lesson 2 when we dyed the lace piece. With the amount of ribbon I have accumulated including chiffons, silks, wired ribbon and all my hand dyed silks I did not feel I should go out and buy more ribbon and start dyeing it. I am using what I have on hand. She gave a very good lesson on dyeing ribbons but for cq people who have been down that road I did not feel I needed to do that. I have not made very many. I am waiting to see what we do in lesson four with stitching before I make more. I will probably have a better idea of what I want after I see that. I am not a good class taker. I am one of those people who fumble along in class then go home and decide what I want and do it then.

The little ring with what looks like a fan I found last week in a bag. I had been making them as napkin ring holders (years ago) and they can be dyed and stiffened and I think they will now become an embellishment with a flower in the middle.

We had a great 4th yesterday. Went to my SIL's parents home in St. charles, IL. Their house is the last one on a winding country road and they are the one with the whole golf course view in front of them. In front of that runs the Fox River where they do the fireworks on a barge. They have open house and we all bring food and the kids can just run all around and they love it. We did notice last night that with having teens in our crowd now it was quieter and not as much running around. The little guys still did and had fun.

We always save desert for after the fireworks. We have coffee, etc. and dessert and wait about an hour for all the traffic on the roads around the area to be cleared out and then we return home. Left about 11.15 and arrived home about 12.05. Good time was had by all.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely Freda - great idea to use the pretty little rings with your ribbon flowers. Just proves that if you keep something for awhile another good use will come up!

Cathy K said...

What a lovely piece this is turning into (although I thought it was lovely to begin with, LOL). Can’t wait to see what comes next. Of course, anything with lace gets an A+ in my book, LOL. BTW, when we’re in Colorado, we can play with dyeing, too! Hugs, Cathy

Debra said...

You had real nerve dyeing that gorgeous assortment of beige laces!

donnarae said...

Freda, this is just wonderful!