Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am posting a picture of my 5-6 year old Endless Summer hydrangea bush that has finally started to bloom more then 1 or 2. The first year it was covered in bloom when it was first put in. Then the next couple of years plenty of green but no bloom. Then the next couple maybe 1 or 2. This year it is finally coming into its own and has 9 that I counted in full bloom and a few that are coming into bud. I have read that after the initial year sometimes they take quite a few years to really develop good bloom and I guess that is what happened here. I have 4 in various places in the back and side that grow well - never bloom. Well at least they are green.

I was reading some of my favorite blogs and when I got to Pam Kellogg's Kitty and me she had a note that she had joined the Sorority Sisters group of bloggers. That is the pic that we are seeing everywhere with the 5 friends. This is their signature pic. I used the pic in the previous post when I put it in Terri's lovely collage frame that I won. I had no idea about the Sorority Sisters. I went to their blog to read about it and joined up. One of the requirements was that you had to use the picture in some way. How about that. Without even knowing about it I had used the pic so that requirement was filled. You also become a follower of Karen the gal who is running this in order for her to keep track of us all. The next was to bring the blogger button to my blog. Haven't figured how to do that yet but will. I have already had 1 gal come visit my blog and leave a comment. I will have to start reading some new blogs and meet some of the gals. All I need is time to do all this. Still working on the flower class and the beaded purse class. I am waiting on an order of beads to continue with the purse. I had tons of size 11 and size 6 beads but hardly any 8 and 15 sizes. I placed an order with Artbeads and they told me it shipped yesterday so hope they get here for the weekend.

It is still very hot here and our garden is just completely wilted. Even with the irrigation system it is just not enough. They say there is a storm on its way from south Wisconsin right now so hope we finally get some rain. Supposed to be high 90's tomorrow.

I went out about 5 and put GrubX on the grass and trimmed back all the roses. I was just sopping when I came in. Stripped and am now sitting in a cotton robe and finally cooled off. I had made chicken enchildas earlier in the afternoon so dinner was made. Just had to pop them with some refried beans in the microwave. Put the salsa on top and they sure tasted good. Stay cool all.

I am also posting the bloggers picture.

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maggi said...

The hydrangea is such a beautiful colour.