Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have been working on the purse that is the other class I took from Joggles. Wouldn't normally take 2 at once but I wanted the purse also and was afraid it would not be offered at the next session. I have been tapdancing between the 2 classes. The flower class is on hold now until I get caught up with the purse. I was waiting for an order of size 8 beads in order to continue. They arrived today. I must give a plug for Art Beads in Washington state. They are cheap, carry a pretty good amount of beads and ship quickly. I placed my order on Mon. evening on the web and it shipped Wed. Free shipping over $20.00 and under only $1.00 in the US. It used to be free but they raised it a bit. Still very cheap. I had plenty of sizes 11 and 6 but not many 8's except for size 8 delicas which are more square cut. I love Delicas. The picture is of the front piece. You make 4 beginning rows then we start adding peyote stitch and branch off. It becomes all filled in. If you want to see the finished bag go to and bring up classes. They go by date and this was in mid July. It is by Christen who also taught the flower class. Great teacher. The top is not started yet but it is the same size as the back but with a flap that comes down over so much more beading on the back. I hope to get more started on the front today and then start the back tomorrow. Our last class is on tues. so hope to at least get partially done. The beauty of this kind of class is you have it on your computer and can go back and look at the lessons whenever you need to and the forum will stay open to contact Christen until the next series of classes start in early Sept. Wonder what classes will be on then. I will probably be working on the two of these in Sept. With leaving for Florida in mid Oct. I probably won't join up until after I am down there and settled. Also I do want to do a Halloween witches hat before I leave. there are a few neat ones on the web done in crazy quilting. I won't be wearing it but it will look good sitting on the table inside the door.

I also am going to post a pic of the two pieces before I started beading but the flap is turned under and the colors are very pale. The beaded pic is a more accurate color.

I should also mention that we had a terrible storm last night. Be careful what you ask for. The rain gods heard us and sure sent plenty. We received 3" in our area but to the west and south of Chicago plus downtown Chicago really got hit. For the first time I can remember they closed the Eisenhauer Expressway and part of the Kennedy. Electricity out in a lot of areas and a ton of flooded basements. Even with 2 sump pumps some people still flooded because it just came too much too fast. The lightening was horrific. A lady I do water aerobics with told me this morning she was so scared she went into her spare bedroom that only has one window and put the covers over her head. She lives alone and that makes it so much scarier. To have a hand to hold onto sure makes a difference.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your purse is looking beautiful - I love the colour you're using. I can't believe the weird storms that are happening this year - it's pretty scary at times. Stay safe!

maggi said...

The purse is such a gorgeous colour.

Gina E. said...

I hope your home didn't cop too much damage with those storms, Freda. We've been having wonderful rain here in Melbourne this year. The drought seems to be over after all these years, although some rural areas still haven't had much. But that is the nature of Australia. We've certainly had some fierce storms, but not as bad as you guys get over there!
The purse is just gorgeous!