Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am very pleased with the luck I have had with the orchids I have bought. I have had 3-4 bloom and then re-bloom within the time I have been here. I took some pics to show you.
The white with pink inside right in the front of the terrarium opened just about 2 weeks ago for the second time. The next pic shows that it has more buds to open. I hope they open before we leave.
Behind it is one I bought at least 6-8 weeks ago and the beauty of it was it actually had 3 branches to it and there were buds on all three with flowers on the main stem. If you look below on the right side you will see one of them and another is hidden in the pic behind the main stem. I have never before had one with 3 stems. Maybe 2 but not 3.

The next pic shows a pair of dragonfly candlestick holders in a pretty green that I picked up at the flea market when we first built the room. In the middle is another orchid bursting with buds that have made a comeback. Beside the orchid are two of the mini violets in little candlestick holders. They are the perfect size to hold the little 2" minis. In this pic you cannot see the buds but the next pic shows them. Hope they come up in this order. One never knows. The sad part is when we leave I have to leave them all behind because we have no room to carry plants except my little minis this year.
I will put them outside in the shade where they will get water from the water system and hope they make it. A neighbour told me one year he was walking his dog around our place and saw some color and went over and it was a beautiful full fuschia flowering orchid.

If they make it they do but if not there is always the flea market for more.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You leave them behind? I don't think I'd be able to do that! I just got an orchid (my first) and I'm babying it and crossing my fingers that I can keep it alive. Yours are beautiful

maggi said...

The orchids are beautiful. I had the most gorgeous white one that just kept on flowering all year round. It had about 30 large flowers on. It thrived on neglect.

Plays with Needles said...

I'm convinced that your orchids are doing so well because you want them too and they know that you love them...