Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book Review

I bought this book "Fabric Embellishing - the basics and beyond". The work inside is by 4 gals. Ruth Chandler, Liz Kettle, Heather Thomas and Lauren Vlcek. They all live in Colorado. There are over 50 techniques in the book and they suggest you do 1 a week for a year.

It is definitely not a beginning CQ book. It covers some CQ but many other art type projects. Directions are given but there again I think you would need at least a working knowlege of some of the things here. I really enjoyed going through the book and will hopefully enjoy doing some of the projects. I doubt I will even try 1 a week. My mind is all over the place between finishing up cq projects, starting new ones and getting into the art field which has intrigued me lately. I do want to make a really nice journal and that will take some time.

I have taken some pics of the cover and a few of the projects within. I really liked the look of the "Green Fairy" project.

I went for my usual trip to the weekend flea market this morning and did find some nice things. I will take some pics tomorrow and show you what I found.


Pat Winter said...

I had this in my hands yesterday at Barnes&Noble. It looked interesting but I held off. Thanks for the reviews you give. They are helpful.

maggi said...

I can see you using some of the techniques for your journal. Have fun with this.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh oh - I can see this is another book I need to add to my wish list! I love the use of CQ in a more edgy way.

Gina E. said...

Oh what a great book! Thanks for sharing it here, Freda. I have a book voucher to spend, so I must check out the shop to see if they can get this one in for me.