Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old Pictures

What is the fascination of old pictures. I can never walk by a table at the flea market without going thru the pics. The last 3rd. Sunday of the month when they have the antique outside dealers I picked up the ones I am going to show you. The baby ones were because I liked the folders they came in. I don't remem ber the little folders that folded over when closed but made a stand when opened. There was also one that had a wing on either side so when bent backwards it would stand alone also. The two ladies were just pics I liked and will hopefully use in a collage some day. They were in a large basket and the photographers names and places were mainly midwest, Iowa,Nebraska, etc. I asked the lady and she said they were from Iowa. They were only 1.00 a piece.

I went to the dermatologist on Monday to have my stitches removed and they took a look at my head and called the Dr. in right away. I had noticed on Friday that the area around it was getting very red and I was worried that maybe it was infection but as it was the weekend and I knew I was coming in Mon. am I just kept doing the usual. Washing it with baby soap and shampoo and piling on the Polysporin. Well it turns out that I was having a severe reaction to the polysporin. So out came the stitches and they gave me something else to put on it to calm it down. She said wasn't it itchy and I said it sure was but I was good and only scratched around the area and not right on it. Well it is down to a pale pink area now so hopefully in a week or so it should be gone. Went for a haircut today and she combed it over it and you can hardly see it. She barely touched the top of my head because she was scared of hurting it or me.

Today I went to the eye Dr. to check if the sty was completely gone and it has. Also picked up my new glasses and now can see better. Imagine 2 pair of glasses in 5 months. I have heard of that after cataract surgery but hope it has stopped changing. This I hope is the end of my medical newsletters. I said that when I left Chicago in the summer. I actually have been very well except for the sty, the cancer spot and the eye problems.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love old pictures too and really wish people had put names and dates on the back. At least now the cast off ones are being picked up and used in art so they aren't simply being thrown out.
I know all about allergic reactions to polysporin...I can't touch the stuff for any reason.

Gina E. said...

Those old photos are so charming. When I look at the photos I have of my ancestors, I wonder how other people can bear to discard their own family photos? I guess sometimes if you are the last in line, and there is nobody to give them to, they will end up in the rubbish bin or thrift store...
Oh Freda, you have been through the proverbial mill with your health! I do hope it is smooth sailing from now on:-)
Sorry I haven't responded to your email yet, but I'm still reading and enjoying it while it is in the InBox!

maggi said...

There is something about old photos that just make you want to know their history. There are lovely frames there too.
You really are having a bad time healthwise, they say things come in threes so lets hope that you have now got everything out of the way.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love the old pics. I went back some and saw the rick rack earrings, I remember my mother making those years ago. I love your triangle quilting. It looks so pretty.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Pat

Queen Bee's Musings said...

love the photos Iowa?? any of my relatives?
Hope yu are feeling much better...
Have you heard any word on Omaha Retreat?